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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 3, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a closer look and detectives physical trauma. both were considered talented lacrosse players in program. love crew up here and attended noteer dame preparatory school. she was a model young student and athlete with a one-of-a- kind disposition. >> there was not a mean soul in her body. she was goodness epitomized and had a sense of humor to go along with it and you say to yourself i don't think i'll have the pleasure of teaching or coaching another child anywhere close to that. >> reporter: love lost her father to cancer in 2005 making this the second tragedy in this family. meanwhile, the young man police say murdered her is being kept behind bar tonight. brian keebler abc 2 news. tonight a woman is in custody in connection with the
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murder of a montgomery county middle school principal. more arrests are expected in the death. d.c. police served you search warrants this morning in the 3200 block of third street southeast. less than half a mile from where his suv was discovered. his body was discovered in his silver spring home last month. harford county sheriff's deputies are investigating the death of a 71-year-old edgewood man as a homicide. he was found dead inside his home at 9:00 last night. police got a call to check on him. anyone with information on the case is asked to call the harford county sheriff's office. starting today. speeding in a pair of school zones in baltimore county will not only earn you a ticket but will cost you cash. as jeff reports a month's worth of warning tickets and now the warnings are over. >> reporter: when 9-year-old
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harris walks to dundalk elementary school her mother is at her side, mindful of the heavy traffic along dunman way. >> too many kids getting hurt because people don't watch where they are going. >> everybody is getting killed and hit by cars. >> reporter: while baltimore county police routinely patrol the area a speed camera in this box monitors each car's speed from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night without missing a single one. >> effective today we'll issue citations to violators who travel more than 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. >> reporter: while some motorist oppose the cameras other seem resigned to the $40 fine if they drive too fast. >> if you do it you do it. >> reporter: mindful in this economy that many people criticize the speed cameras as
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being tools for a money grab. baltimore county has been deliberate in where and how it placed them. the police department's tract resource section researched motorist speeds here and the complaints in the school zones. even though that never called in the department know first- hand when the cameras are needed. >> people tear up and down here. >> we all look out for the children. >> reporter: in dundalk abc 2 news. >> along with a camera, there is another one on silver spring road began snapping shots for real citations today. police issued more than 3,000 warning citations to motorist in the two locations in five week's time. the county plans to add 13 more in other school zones. at this time there is no timetable for when they'll be put in place. baltimore county schools will confront bullying and work
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to stop it. that's the word from the school superintendant. a it a news conference this afternoon he said he was confident that a recent incident at gillmore elementary school was handled appropriately. media attention to the problem unfairly paints the school. he says it is not a problem school. he says gillmore has shown fantastic improvement academically. he says it key to stop the bullying is system wide not just from the school but the community. >> at a certain point given what was happening in the school and the attention to the school. the feeling was that we have to go in and make sure that the entire community, the entire community becomes part of the conversation. >> he says overall violence incidents in the schools are down. he says it schools are safer
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than they have been since before he became ceo. a chester town minister accused of sexually abusing a teenager boy is facing charges for molesting a 6-year-old girl. - arrested last month on charges he abused a 13-year-old boy. he is a licensed foster parent and pastor for faith church. state officials say two foster children have been removed from his care. the search continues tonight for a 17-year-old boy who escaped from charles school in baltimore county. police say that frederick catching is not considered dangerous. he and another teen climbed the fence last night at the juvenile detention center in parkville. the other, who has not been identified, was captured at a near-by convenience store earlier this morning. catchings is known to hang out in west baltimore. for the second time we know of, the united states has narrowly avoided a terrorist
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bombing. first it was the failed airline attack in detroit on christmas day. on saturday a car bomb placed in time square failed to go off. tonight police and investigators are studying the edevice and trying to track down who is responsible. lindsay davis has the story. >> reporter: the white house is sharpening its tone. >> whoever did that would be categorized as a terrorist, yes. >> reporter: while investigators hone in on what happened on this crowded corner in time square, the white house is intensifying its focus on international suspects. the investigation is turning up new clues. investigators found fingerprints and a vehicle identification number on the pathfinder, which then lead them to the owner of the suv. >> did he shed any light on the investigation. >> the investigation is going forward. i'm not going to get into the details. >> reporter: officials say he's not a suspect and neither is
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the person who the license plate is registered to. the license plate was taken in another vehicle in a connecticut auto shop. investigators continue coming through hundreds of hours of surveillance video including video of this man with a backpack who removed a layer of clothing and looks back at the suv before leaving the scene? if you recognize him call the police. it is hardly the only avenue we are going down. >> reporter: police say the bomb contained a type of fertilizer incapable of exploding. the detonator made out of alarm clocks hooked up to fire crackers fail. as for time square it is as if nothing happened. >> i forgot about it. >> reporter: the only difference, beefed up security in a highly scrutinized area. the taliban claimed responsibility. police have not found any evidence to support that claim. lindsay davis abc news new york. bad news for the gulf of
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mexico tonight. it will take at least a week to stop the flow of crude oil. authorities are trying to contain the massive spill. it is still too late for the wild life. 20 sea turtles watched ashore on the mississippi coast all dead. massive oil spill is now threatening five states. >> this was no accident. this was a rig operated by another company. it was their people. their systems. their processes. >> bp president tony hayworth says the company will pay for the cleanup. underwater robots have not managed to stop the los angeles. in three months the oil will have cost major damage to miles of coast land. on the weather front a little bit of a change. it was one humid scenario
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overnight into this morning. let's show you what's going on outside. cloud cover out of the west. we have a couple showers out there. not much. little bit of wet weather forward the bay bridge if you are commuting in that direction you might get hit with a shower. we'll take you west to west virginia picking up a couple of showers. we'll be generally dry. it will be staying warm in the 70s. partly cloudy skies. change in the air coming through the week here. if you thought the humidity fell premature i think you'll like it. that's coming up. listen up parents, a really important consumer alert. a warning for parents whose children mays you children's version of tylenol, motrin and benadryl. they are being recalled because they may not meet the quality standards. some products may have a
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highier concentration of active ingrediants than specified on the label. at this point there are no reports of children hurt by the fed cases but the f.d.a. recommends give their children the generic versions of these medicines. a stuck you situation for chrysler. national high traffic safety administration is investigating a problem with sticky gas pedals on the 2007 calibers. the company says it has gotten five complaints and is not aware of any crashes. the problem is mechanical and not a electronic or design issue. no recall has been issued at this point. tonight on abc 2 at 11:00, a young woman murdered 15 years ago. her killer still on the loose. her family still struggling for answers. >> we constantly wonder. it is constantly in our head is it this guy?
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that guy? somebody we never thought about? it is endless. >> this family is not alone in their search for closure. police nation-wide and here in baltimore battle an alarmingly growing trend of unsolved murders. >> we don't have that kind of personalty to stop. we'll never stop hoping that there will be justice for carrie. >> brian keebler talked to the family about their struggle and to get their daughter's case solved and new police efforts to close the book on her case and others. that's tonight on abc 2 coming up at 11:00. tonight friends and family and fans are mourning the loss of actress lynn redgrave. she died last night in her manhattan apartment. in 2003 the british actress was
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treated for breast cancer. she became a 1960's sensation. the sister of actress vanessa, received oscar nominations and tony nominations. her death comes a year after her niece, natasha richardson died from a head injury in a skiing accident. she was 67 years old. as our parents age it is our turn to take care o them. coming up, we'll introduce you to seniors living active lives and how to help your parents stay active. a startling study about children and tv. in tonight's health alert how much time your toddler spends in front of the tube and how it can impact the way they learn in a classroom. many marylanders are out of work. a state effort to get them back to work is a real success. find out about the jobs across maryland tour. [ male announcer ] it's a price that starts low and stays low.
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as our parents get older it becomes our turn to take care of them. knowing how to keep them
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healthy and active can make a huge difference. we have helpful tips tonight. >> reporter: every one here has one thing in common. they are living life to the fullest. >> it is enriching. >> reporter: she spends most of her time in the senior center in towsen. she's been coming here seven years. >> i'm in charge of registration, members and new registrations. >> reporter: that's her way of saying he practically runs the place. a place she considers her second home. >> it is the best thing i ever did. i'm extending myself to others. they are helping me. >> reporter: helping your parents get plugged in the local senior center is a good way to keep their mind and body active. >> they have no idea available
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to seniors today. the social part. sitting here watching tv. reading. puzzles. we have a library upstairs. we play wi once or twice a week. >> i see people who come in here and walk in wheelchairs and a little bit of dementia and they are accepted. there are programs for them. that makes them feel good. >> reporter: as your parents get older, exercise is a must. fitness classes help keep the arms and legs strong. stretching and working out at the gym will keep the heart healthy. >> staying active allows me to play ball with my five-year-old grandson. >> reporter: encouraging your parents to keep up with the things they love is medicine of the mind. >> i read and i still teach piano. i have to practice.
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because i can not teach without practicing. just being here keeps my mind active. >> now, if your aging parents live on their own make sure you visit them regularly. check to see if they are paying their bills. perhaps you can sign them up for online automatic payments and do a safety check around the house. make sure all their prescriptions are being filled. nasty start to to the day today but it cleared out. >> not a lot of rain but muggy overnight last night. if your building was just converted to ac you are still feeling the muggy. we get a break starting tonight and tomorrow. good changes here in the next few days. let's look at the inner harbor.
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not a bad day at all. generally cloudy. it has been relatively muggy. humidity just beginning to drop a little bit. we have 54% relative humidity. dew point numbers dropping, too, as winds shift from southwest to northwest. that's going to be a drier breeze for us. welcomed relief there. it is early yet to get into the muggy weather. through the day today we had variable cloudy skies. you can see that downtown today. throughout the day the weather net camera capturing sunshine. tomorrow we'll see more sunshine but still a good amount of cloud cover on tap tomorrow. pollen high today. tree pollen at a very high level. now a very high count on grass pollen. weed and mold spores are low now. tough times for allergy sufferers. 78 bwi marshall.
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80 dover. 70 dulles. 82 hagerstown. warm but not hot. humidity has been the culprit. dry air moving out west. winds changing direction and will bring in a drier, cooler breeze. radar is generally clear. we picked up a rain shower moving onshore to the eastern shore. we'll take you into the radar view. you can see just clearing coming our way. it is still cloudy. it is still muggy toward the beaches. ben there is a shower or two out there. couple renegade showers but not much rain. this main front pushing through will make it noticeably less humid. we'll be back up around 80. this is a second front which will bring in cooler and drier air later this week. it will keep us from warming up much. that's a good thing. punching and pushing humid air out to sea. the storm south of us will miss us. into the day tomorrow the second boundary moves through. still clouds around. most of the rain will stay well
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off to our north. into the day on wednesday looking like a fantastic, dry, sunny day. tonight we could see a patch or two of fog down to 60. tomorrow night 52 mostly clear. seven-day forecast. as we push ahead towards wednesday temperatures not bad at all. we are hovering around 80. again a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. for the most part we are looking good good. next chance for significant rain friday into saturday. much cooler air comes in toward sunday and next monday. we'll see about that. >> thank you. it is a familiar study. watching too much tv can have a negative impact and children. in tonight's health alert a new study says too much tv for your preschooler could affect their long term achievements. major flooding in the south is taking its toll. we'll take a look at the damage coming up.
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toddlers two spend too much time watching television could suffer negative and long-term consequences. child experts from the u.s. and canada studied 1300 kids during preschool age to determine how tv exposure impacted their future academic success, behavior and lifestyle choices. for each additional hour spent in front of the tv versus the weekly average of almost nine hours, the toddler demonstrated more problems in the fourth grade. a 7% decrease in classroom engag . enment. -- engagement. a body mass index increase of
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